Internet Pizza

The Internet has changed many thing in our lives, some for the worse, some for the better. I once thought that the only reason I didn’t like calling to order pizza, either for delivery or to pick up, was because I was nervous with the phone conversation portion of the process. Last Saturday I placed my first Internet pizza order with Dominos while staying at my cousin’s house.
The reason I decided to pursue the option was quite simple, I was in a foreign location and was wanting to look up the number for the place, and the “Online Order Now” button just looked too inviting. I gave it a try and was pleasantly impressed with the number of options that were availible, as well as the depth of customization I could do. I usually think of pizza as boring, because I usually place the same order over and over again (because its easy). I had a lot of fun customizing my pizza, and found it refreshing that I could make my pizza any way I wanted, even it I wanted a pepperoni and sausage pizza with banana peppers on the left and jalapenos on the right.
My favorite feature of online ordering is the same as my aunt’s favorite feature of it, you don’t have to scream at a person who can barely hear you and then pray that they get the order right. I find that it makes ordering more simplified, and because of the strong existing connection between phone and pizza, I’m not worried about the added complication of having to locate a WiFi hot-spot to place an on-the-go pizza order any time soon.
Why did I write this? I don’t know, I am easily amused.