What the F

Last January I bought a Nikon F6, the most advanced film SLR camera ever created. Over the past few weeks I have been tracking down a Nikon F, Nikon’s original film SLR, camera on eBay. The F6 has fully electronic control and a self-diagnosing shutter. The F is fully mechanical and is not at all […]

Experimenting with Rollei IR 400

I have been fascinated by IR photography since I first figured out what it was. I started off as a digital camera brat, so most of my experiences were with really slow shutter speeds on a sensor mostly protected from IR light. Since returning to film I have gotten back into IR and find that […]

Response to Ken Rockwell’s ‘Why We Love Film’

I have read Ken Rockwell’s reviews of lenses for years before buying them, and aside from his necessary self-promotion at the end of each review, I’ve found his site quite informative and helpful. Last evening I ran across his post entitled ‘Why We Love Film’ (http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/why-we-love-film.htm) and found myself approaching the post as a dual-medium […]

An Update to My Developing Process

Over three years ago when I first dove into film photography and the related development process I wrote an article, The Developing Process. In that time I have adjusted some of the basic techniques a bit and have changed my materials as well. Last time was just a list of steps, this is perhaps less […]

Film and Developer from a Novice Perspective

I have been working with film photography off and on for about 2 years now, since about March 2010. I have used a variety of films and chemicals since the beginning. I am now slowly learning what everything I have been working with does and how each element impacts the outcome of the final image. […]

Self-Critique of the Latest Film Rolls

1. I need to learn to be less afraid of different apertures. I shoot a lot with my aperture wide open (smallest f/ratio). This shot of a mushroom cluster could have been a lot better had I closed the aperture some and gotten a little more depth. Probably not f/8, but perhaps f/4 or 5.6 […]

Frustration of a Film Photographer in the Digital Age

It takes 2 minutes to scan a single BW 35mm negative on a traditional scanner at 2400dpi It takes 7 minutes to scan a single BW 35mm negative on a traditional scanner at 4800dpi Traditional scanners use “trays” and “adapters” which are not part of the scanner itself to hold negatives, this results in things […]

Film Photos: Roll ID 2010-003

My third roll of film. These shots are just as haphazard as before, but I let myself go a little more wild and actually do more subjects that interest me. The scanning process didn’t go too well for this roll and some other factors seem to have made the grain pretty intense. None of these […]