Spider Lilly Close-Up

Spider lilies are really neat looking, especially close up. I haven’t done many photos lately, so I’m looking for subjects to get me back started.


Meet CMK7, the newest member of my fleet. This system is the direct successor to CMK5, my 5 year old, aging, desktop. Surprisingly, CMK7 was built to replace CMK5 because CMK5 was running too warmly, not because of any other issues related to speed or hardware problems. Physically, CMK7 stands about 6 inches shorter, and […]

Texture Photography

http://www.disturbingthoughts.net/gallery2/v/album/20080606/ I had some fun last night with my macro lens and my shoes, capturing some texture. Some of the images may be a little raw since I haven’t cropped them yet, but I believe they get the point across.