What is the real purpose for sex in our society? How has the way we view sex changed over the past few hundred years? From the coldest and most technical definition sex is for the purpose of procreation. Why do we as a society shield our children from how they came into being? Sex is considered by some people to be a very natural and wonderful thing, while others (most) feel it is something to hide and keep in the unknown. It is obvious from the amount of masterbation that occurs in our society that sex is a thing of pleasure, not just purely procreational. There are very few males that I know who don’t masterbate. Some do it just a few times a week, others do it many times per day. It is pleasurable to them with no chance of anyone becoming pregnant. One of the things I find strange in sexuality is that some people view raw, instinct provoked, animal-like sex to be the “purest” and “most beautiful” form of sex. I personally find it disgusting and a little on the barbaric side. We are in a society that values refinement and dignified ways of handling things. We as humans are supposed to have some amount of self control and not have the need to go around humping on each other all day when the urge strikes us. In my world sex should be something that is at least semi-planned between two (or more) adults who have some capacity of caring for each other, not just to satisfy a sexual desire.
One of the worst topics that can be covered in academic discussion is “abnormal sexuality”. In order to have an abnormal there must be an established norm. How many people have sex in only the form of heterosexual vaginal intercourse? Not as many as would try to claim it im sure. Homosexuality, Heterosexuality and Bisexuality are all normal, but just not to everyone. Those 3 (or 2, since one is a variation of the others) are about as simple and normal as you will find. It is when we probe the depths of all of these variations and begin to look into the different fetishisms and other related interests that exist that we find a maze of different things that people find to be sexually gratifying. The normally thought of things are revealing linguere, and mild bondage. All of which still involve some amount of interaction with the primary sexual desires and the “want” of sexual beings to interact with their partner’s sexual organs. Some things that aren’t so normal or so thought of in the normal relam of sexuality are things like footwear fetishes, things that involve pain and the more drastic dominance and submission based relationships. Can any of us truely say that these things are not normal or aren’t acceptable? With the way this culture tends to do, does it even matter? If we as a society don’t care about what goes on in other peoples’ bedrooms, then why is it such a problem for someone to be openly homosexual? Being homosexual isn’t a direct admission to participating in anal sex with another male, or whatever it is that lesbians to. It is possible to be homosexual/gay/queer/faggish while being a virgin. It is the same as most normal teen guys who are virgins to be considered “straight” even though they haven’t “gotten any”. It is my opinion that it is better to be homosexual than to be someone who hates everyone and abuses women (or men). Perhaps the problem in this world with all of these tenancies towards violence, backstabbing bussiness manuevers and other assorted issues of ill ethic is that several very natural forms of love are being supressed, some violently. Before you southern baptist bible thumping convervatives decide to put me on your list of people to be burned at the stake (or have you backwards hethens converted to lethal injection?) and added to your email list for your supposed reasons why homosexuality isn’t natural, look around you. Dogs have no serious predispostion to either gender, they take what they can get when they get the urge. The thing that annoys me most about the southern baptist clan against homosexuality is that they love to screw with the facts, draw pictures of events occuring where none did. I don’t put much faith into a religious group who has a large number of people who wish to kill or do servere harm to fellow humans because of who they love. There is a select group amoung the religion who are ignorant of the truth about what homosexuality actually involves and don’t show any hate towards anyone. They follow the real word of God (the one that carries a message of love all living beings). I am of the opinion that real Christians don’t seek out members of any group for any reason with the purpose of scaring, hurting or killing them. In this world it is fine to disagree with opinions, ways of doing things or whatever, and you can dislike someone because they are short, have blond hair or whatever you want, but nothing in this society should trigger the need to kill. I think I was near a point before the image of an angry southern baptist bubba popped into my head.
Sexuality is one of those topics that is about as cloudy as origins of the universe and the reason why humans are truely existing on this planet. We all have our own definition of what sexuality is, and what love is. Love is actually very underdefined in our culture. When we were moving from older languages (Latin, Greek, etc) we certainly fucked that up. How did we loose such an important concept? There is more that one type of love and in English all we have is love, LOVE, love, love and love [insert cute little tennis ball icon here]. Greeks had many clearly defined words for love, one for a brotherly, a friendly love, an erotic love and a purely sexual love that was mostly empty (can you guess with one 9 out of 10 college frat guys reccomend?).
In a weird twist to this entry, lets analyze the actions of some of the most macho of straight guys…jocks. The things that go on in a locker room could probably be applied to about 10 shades of sexual harrasment, homosexual activity and pure cruelty. Jocks participate in ass slapping, wet towl snaps, wedgie giving and things like that. There are also other things that go on that are less violent and more normal, such as when football players take time to hug each other and show affection through other forms of bodily contact. One of the weirdest straight guy obsessions has to be the need to inflict pain upon the testicles of other guys. What is up with this? Does it take knocking someone’s nuts to establish pure manlyness or something? Jocks are a central figure of another aspect of sexuality. Jocks are the most physically fit of people, therefore they are natureally more attractive to women and idolized most by men (and the opposite). The key to most of the diet and excercise enterprises is the focus on the rock hard six pack abs. Abs are the most central and most relied upon group of muscles in the body, everyone either wants great abs or wants to be sexually involved with someone with them. Its a weird obsession that centers upon humanity’s goal of becoming more perfect and being based upon the strongest and most reslient of the species.
All of you are probably wondering what got me started on this, as far as I can tell it was started by a combination of my reading for Abnormal Psychology and the closeted nature of one of my gay friends, even though he has met a guy he thinks might be gay and is attracted to. Sometimes it takes guts and balls to approach things like that, but if everyone in this world wants to be happy it has to happen. I
I leave you all with this thought: In order for your world to more perfect, someone elses must be more scrambled and confusing.