Short Days Are Fun

Today was one of those short days that you don’t expect to be short.
Awoke at 10AM to an alarm clock, a cell phone and a laptop. Im getting better at getting the three to go at the same time. I really need to find a nice loud MP3 that starts with like trumpets or something for my laptop. I opened my eyes to a beautiful North Carolina autum sky, this was adequate motivation to get me moving for the day. I ate breakfast and watched some television while in bed in an attempt to stay warm. Today wasn’t one of the warmest fall days weve had.
I drove to campus to take a Logic test (doesn’t that sound like fun?). Given that some logic tests are easy, we can not conclude that All logic tests are easy (superalternation). The test was fairly easy and yet still required thought. I at no point was concerned about my grade on the test. I think I did very well. It only took me about 30 minutes to complete the test, so I had about 30 minutes left to do stuff. I went to Barnard labs for a bit, checked my email and dealt with a situation with the Assistant Dean of the college of bussiness administration.
Later I went to Physics, Dr. Naeini took 65 minutes of his availible 50 minute block. We went over homework that I already know how to do. Very boring. The class went by slow and not much was learned.
Went back to Barnard Labs after Physics to take care of some homework and stuff, then it was time for Enlgish. Betsy wasn’t feeling very well today so we went to class and exchanged our Peer Review forms and then kinda left. Thats where my day concludes and I returned home.
Not much done since then…