Objectives for the Spring 2013 Semester

Spring 2013 is my second semester as a Masters student and my third semester as a graduate student. I am presently enrolled in four graduate programs: Master of Science in Information Technology, Master of Arts in Sociology, Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science and Graduate Certificate in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. I have been told […]

Becoming A Junior Scholar

Monday morning at 11am I went to the University for a sociology orientation. I was uncertain of what to expect from this first encounter with the faculty and my cohort. Almost immediately it was confirmed that my understanding that I was one of six selected was correct. I am the type that typically likes to […]

Why Sociology?

My academic interests to this point may not scream that sociology is the logical choice for me, but I do feel as though it is a good fit. The programs I considered at the same time as sociology were counseling and a liberal studies degree. Counseling was and is my first choice, but things just […]

Settling in to Graduate School

I have never been indecisive about my class schedule until this semester. Even as a freshman my class schedule seemed to be pretty well guided, but this semester, things have changed so much from my initial registration. Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality and Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies has been a constant on my schedule. […]

Fall 2011 Courses

I have delayed posting about my fall 2011 courses due to my program of study being somewhat indeterminate until recently. The schedule itself is still somewhat flexible, due to the fact that I have not yet consulted with my advisor about the final plan for my program. The graduate level courses I plan to take […]

The Torture of Admissions

I know very few processes that have the same level of stress, anxiety and anticipation as the process of applying to an academic program. To individuals that desire to pursue education, an admissions decision is a big deal. The decision of an admissions committee (or a program coordinator) can alter the outcome of a person’s […]

Too early to consider a graduate certificate?

Well, on the topic of adding stuff to a graduate program of study, I’m about to contradict myself. You CAN add stuff to a graduate degree program, primarily through the use of a graduate certificate to take up any elective spots, and if correctly placed they can enrich the overall program. I am seriously considering […]

Military Science in Spring 2008?

Today on campus I observed one of the military science lab courses (ROTC Cadets at drill/instructional practice) on the field in front of Cato Hall. I watched them for several minutes and analyzed their behavior, attempting to figure out what it is that intrigues me about military guys, and I found it… the pure precision […]

What happened to Fall 2007?

A lot has happened that I haven’t reported here (I think I forgot that I have a blog) with the Fall 2007 semester. First, for a short period of time I considered taking a break from my BA curriculum and working on some general ed stuff at the community college level, just to give myself […]

Fall 2007 Semester Schedule

Here is my Fall 2007 Schedule: [View My Graphical Schedule] [View My Text Schedule] In addition to this schedule I also have a computer science course and a math course online. I meant to post this days ago, as well as a summary of everything after I first went to my classes, but I haven’t […]