Change to the GITI v2 Plan

Early this morning at around 6am, before I went to bed I began rethinking the GITI v2 project.
I have decided that the best thing to do is to change the focus of the project and bring it back to being primarily focused around me. I am a fairly unique person and so far am the only one capable of seriously using GITI. GITI started as only being able to support a single user, ME. Through the development of what has become known as GITI v.1 the focus went to being a multi-user system that could possibly be released as open-source. I think this decision was made because I didn’t see GITI as being a valuble use of my time if it was only for little me. Well, little me has some pretty substantial life issues as well as some odd compulsions that can only be answered by GITI. Because of this I will be refocusing GITI v2 to being for me and based on the concept of making my life easier and more managed.
One of the major things that confirms that GITI isn’t for anyone but me is the way I adapted the Education module to handle college level assignments and courses and not high school level once I began having college courses. If GITI is my private utility, then I can advance it without fear and let it further be an expression of me. I guess GITI is sort of like art, it reflects the mood and vision of its creator (me).
I know I sound extreamly selfish in this post, but oh well, this is my life, my blog and GITI is mostly my code (im not that great at PHP, had to steal some from Chris ;-).