I will be volentarily going for advising in the next week or two. I am a little nervous about it, but I realize that I must do it because of various things that have come up. I considered going to the advisor and just getting the needed signature for my CAEC registration, but now that I have exchanged a few emails with my advisor I am feeling a little more comfortable. I will be discussing the actual CAEC registration as well as other topics with the advisor. One of the primary things I will be discussing is the proccess for selecting a minor. I am pretty sure of my major already (Management Information Systems), but am still having difficulty finding the perfect secondary area of interest for myself. I have decided that I will also be going over my planned Spring schedule with my advisor, just to double check my intentions.
One sad thing about UNCC that I have discovered, because of the way the bussiness department is structures I will change advisors once my major has been officially declared. At the present rate I should be declaring my major at the end of Fall 2005 semester. I could declare it before then if I were to take Summer courses, but I have decided based on advice from friends that I will not be doing that again next year. This summer the courses were probably beneficial because they kept me focused on something semi-academic most of the time, so I didn’t go totally nuts upon entering UNCC.
I don’t know why I avoid advisors so much, they aren’t such bad people. I used to not have any problems at all with Alice Williams at Gaston College, I actually looked forward to seeing her. With her I guess it was based on the fact that she was always willing to help me make my educational dream become a reality, she wasn’t focused on pushing me through “her” insituation as fast as possible. When I meet Kristine D. Hopkins for the first time I will probably make my first judgements about her then. I am not capable of being forceful in situations like that, so I will have to leave small hints that I am not just some clueless Freshman (or 1st year Sophomore) seeking a clue.
I will post information about my meeting with my advisor at the end of the advising session.