Crazy People

How do I always get stuck with the nuts? I admit that psychologically I am not the most normal person on earth, but the people who seem to have levitated towards me in the past few weeks are more messed up than I ever thought someone could be. The best example of this is one that just occured a few minutes ago. One of my friends from high school had an issue with her boyfriend earlier in the week and as a result decided to stay in his dorm room until he would talk to her about what was bothering her. To vent frustrations she threw a tennis ball at the wall repeatedly for a period of a few hours, this annoyed the boyfriend’s roommates. The situation escalated and ended up with the police and the Residence Advisor both being called and her being given a choice of volentary mental insitutionalization or going home until a psychological evaluation could be conducted.
In my abnormal psychology class there are several people who have one or more of the studied disorders who decide to take a liking to me. Why is this the case? I know my personality is non-threatning to people who may consider themselves to be “different”, but I just dont see why everyone around me tends to be nuts. Can I just have a few sane people once in a while please?