Where’s Logic?

For the second time in two weeks Dr. Presler is not availible to teach her class. Today there was an exam scheduled, and most students arrived fairly early for the exam. A few minutes ago we were all informed by the department secretary that the exam has been moved to Wednesday and Dr. Presler isnt on campus.
This means I am now again stuck with just being with myself to do a lot or not much at all depending upon my mood. I was so impressed with myself earlier for getting on campus so early and being able to go to the exam without rushing. It would be nice if Dr. Presler would like send an email or something before she is absent, so I can get an additional hour of sleep. I exited McEniry a while ago to the sound of the Belk Tower singing the alma mater. It is not unusual for me to enter the building under that same sound at the same time of day.
At the moment I am having mixed feelings, I am glad I am not sitting through a boring lecture that Dr. Presler might give, but at the same time I was looking forward to the Logic exam. I am ready for the exam and I wanted to take it today. Oh well, I can’t always get my way can I?
UPDATE: Dr. Presler was spotted on campus at 2:50PM, aparently healthy and able to be on campus.