Academic Uncertainty

Ok, I think I should have figured this out earlier than this, but I have a really not-so-great schedule for myself for the Spring 2005 semester. Chris was looking over the schedule and pointed out the errors to me. I have a packed schedule with only 10 minutes between classes, and im arriving on campus about an hour earlier than I am used to. My Fridays have been expanded to an hour later because I missed the fact that there was actually a gap between Physics and English last semester. The courses causing the problems are ACCT2121 and ECON2102, the two from “my department”. Is this any shock to anyone? I thought I would just simply change majors to one of the related fields because I decided I didn’t like the business concentration in the Management Information Systems major, but when I asked the registrar’s server to audit my present courses against the other majors there was a slight suprise: the same bullshit courses are required in those majors also. I am not overly concerned with ECON2102 because im familiar with it and know what to expect, and ACCT2121 makes sense, and may be practicle. My concern is with the fact that I am treating myself like a machine, going from one course to another throughout the day with no break, just like in high school. Chris pointed out that this behavior is more than a little dangerous to myself and will serverely limit my time for interacting with other people. I know without a doubt that I will meet and become familar with 6 people at UNCC during Spring though, the PHIL3060 class. The people of the Plato course are likely to be a tight group, as there are only 7 of us and the reigning queen of Philosophy at UNCC, Dr. Judith Presler. I’m not sure what to expect from the course, but knowing Dr. P it will likely be fun. I think Thursday will be the most enjoyable of my week. At the moment I am uncertain as to what to do about the ACCT2121 and ECON2102 situation. I guess I can always use the last minute drop/add thing if I have to, although when entering UNCC I decided that I would never do that and that I would have all of my academic plans in order ahead of time. This can not be happening! I am not supposed to be foulable, it isn’t in my plan!
My Overall Thoughts: i thought this was the semester that could screw me or unscrew me, but im just as screwed as i was before, only now i know that i am equally screwed on either path and i can select the path with which to screw myself at a later date without wasting any credit hours.