DROP 12425

I have now dropped LBST2102-022 due to administrative errors at UNCC.
I went to Denny 215 as scheduled for my course today at 3:00PM, when I arrived there was obviously something wrong, Dr. West was in the room and the course was supposed to be taught by Mrs. Bonaparte. The administrative issue occured in the communications department, there was some sort of communication failure between the department and its faculty [laughter is now appopriate]. Mrs. Bonaparte was never notified that she had been scheduled to teach the course specified and as a result the communications department had no one to teach LBST2102 in that field. Earlier today a book was even specified for the non-existant instructor. The error was not caught until 9:30 this morning when Dr. West was looking over the information for his department (general education). By 3:00 a replacement instructor had been located, Mr. David Johnson, from the history department. Upon hearing the department of the replacement I felt like fate was sending me notification that 18 hours is just plain nuts. As soon as I could get logged into Campus Pipeline today I dropped the course (that was no easy task). I will do almost any topic at UNCC, but I draw the line at anything history again.
Dr. West mentioned that 3 other errors like the one with our course occured in the commnunications department. This seems to be just another example of how badly Campus Pipeline is fucking up the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. All issues I have had while at UNCC have occured because of that system and its related systems. UNCC, it is time to throw away CP, it sucks. We have an MIS, SIS, and several Computer Engineering departments, you would think that UNCC could develop its own proprietary system without much of a problem, but of course outsourcing takes less effort. I have gone from not liking Campus Pipeline to despising it.
Bottom line is that I am now at 15.0 credit hours and there is no intention to replace the other course.