Woke up this morning and my neck was sore, this aging thing really sucks…. At the moment I have about 38 mintues to go until I am officially 20, but the many people around me found it neccesary to wish me a happy birthday already (you people suck, wait until it’s time). I don’t want to be reminded that it is the 20th aniversary of my entry into this planet when I have to do boring shit like go to Accounting and spent countless minutes wasted sitting here in Barnard Lab doing pretty much nothing. If it weren’t for the Internet and this lab I would be bored out of my mind right now…. or would I? Maybe I would be doing something exciting like perusing the many floors of Atkins Library looking at books on various topics and then sitting and reading small sections for the time I would otherwise have spent idle. Since the Internet exists and I am an addict I can’t really say for certain, maybe if there is an intenet connectivity failure during a time I have to be on campus I might actually figure that out.
I dont feel 20, should I? Recently I have had this little issue of failing to acknowledge certain events, first there was Christmas, I pretty much ignored it until it was time for me to prepare things for that day, and as far as Valentine’s day, well….. whats love got to do with it? Another event I failed to acknowledge, even though there was chocolate and a card waiting for me when I got up that morning. This morning there was no chocolate, but there was a card, I just sort of ignored it… for some reason I suspect that it will follow me to dinner (yes, parents are like retrieving canines, you can burry the thing, but they will always bring it back). I planned today badly, there is too much idle time involved…. I even managed to leave for class on time today (which places me here about 15 minutes early) so I was waiting for Mrs. Yarbrough, then I ended up waiting for Vannessa so that she could sign the project, Chuck got tired of waiting, so he signed the page for her…not sure how that works with the academic integrity policy, but he had good intentions (making sure she got credit for her work, even though she wasn’t there to sign for it). Mrs. Yarbrough finished 11 minutes early (i think she stated this so that she would remember to credit the intangible academic asset account and make the appropriate adjusting entries when she goes over her allocated time). Mrs. Yarbrough’s closing line for the day I found to be somewhat humorous: “Have a good spring break, and don’t do anything stupid”. She states this, but has been mentinoing for the last week that we should spend spring break catching up on our accounting reading, me thinks she contradict herself. Since she finished early, I was early for Calculus, so I spent some time waiting for Mr. Jeong to show up, then the class waiting as a group for the class before us to decide to make their exit, 10 minutes after their time had elapsed. After they left we sat down, took our test and then left one-by-one. I wasn’t very quick in leavning, but still had some time, so I waited Mrs. Scott, there were two students in class. Mrs. Scott gaves us back our test and told us we could leave, so thats how I ended up here. Ironicly, after all this waiting I am going to Economics, where I will do no waiting, she will start as soon as we leave and finish exactly as her time concludes…my kind of woman ;-).
Enough rambling for now, I will head off into the sunset and learn some Econ (or take a solid nap).