Seeing the Academic Light

As I get closer to my change of major being finalized I am realizing what it is that I want to persue in my education and possibly my career. I was at first a little nervous about the switch to SIS from MIS, because of the increased math load and various other factors that made me think that I couldn’t handle the work for SIS. I have come to realize now that SIS is where I truely belong and that if taken a step at a time I will have no problem completing the requirements for the major, and on the plus side, I think I will actually enjoy doing it. Any type of time-based goals I had for completion of my degree are irreleavent, I must focus myself only on creating a stable platform upon which I can build the rest of my life. By the time I have finished my degree I will likely have enough credits for an additional degree in a different area, because of my tenancy for finding lots of elective courses that I like. I think at some point I missed the point of being a freshman. While most freshmen were figuring out what they really wanted to do I was busy working towards what I thought was my selected path. My own confidence in my academic world (probably the only place I have any significant confidence) drove me to think that I didn’t need an advisor and that I knew everything I needed to know to get myself through college without any significant guidance from anyone. I was more than a little off on that assumption. While I could select courses for myself and talk a dean out of pre-requisits at Gaston College for dual enrollment without any major issue, this was not representative of actually persuing a degree program, just sort of a pre-college warmup.
Now is the time for me to focus myself and realize that while I want to know everything, doing so is not practicle and I must select only a few areas in which to specialize my knowledge.