Nearly Perfect

This piece almost didn’t happen. It started off as an overly moist ball of white stoneware that was sliding on the wheel. By the right combination of forces the piece stablized and snapped into PERFECT CENTER. That means that a hand pressed against the roating side wasn’t moving and neither was the one placed on top… no wobble, no flinch, not even the slightlest rub.
I thought my luck with the piece was going to be limited to that event, but by some miracle the piece remained centered for the entire event of its creation. The sides are all even with the base, no excess weight is on the base. What I personally enjoyed most about the event was the ridges that formed in the base after I removed the moisture from the clay with a spounge.

In this image you can see the details of the ridges that were formed, also, observe how circular the piece is. The piece is almost void of any personality, but yet, look closely, you can see little hints of the fact that I worked on this piece with my own two hands.

From this view, the shape is a little more clear and the sides are visible from a slightly areial perspective.

This is my favorite image of the piece, because it shows the imperfections in it, although, even the imperfections are uniform. The large version of this image is of poor quality because I had flash off to allow the shadows to cast properly over the piece. The piece has several rise positions where it is obvious that i worked the piece upward from a ball of clay and into this bowl shape that stands several inches high.