Wrapping Up My First Year of College

I have only 3 more lectures left in my MWF classes, and only one left for my Thursday class (Plato). That means I have 3 hours left with each course.
I have changed a lot in some aspects since August 2004, but in some ways, not at all. I have rejoined some old hobbies, and found a few new ones. My preconceptions about most things academic have been shot down fully, but yet I have picked up a few new ideas about how to approach my overall academic life.
I am still about as non-social as I was in August, but at least now I am learning how to approach potential relationships (Life = Interpersonal Communications Lab?). Today I actually spoke to someone in my Microeconomics class, his name is Craig. We spoke for about 40 minutes after class about the class itself, as well as some of our common technical interests, philosophical interests, etc. Why do these people stay silent until the last few days of a course? That is sort of like last Thursday, I got the opportunity to talk to Austin finally. He is really cute, but also has a very complex mind philosophically. I have never seen someone digest Plato/Socrates the way he does. He gets passed the BS that goes on and extracts only the essential theory being passed, then he considers it and determines for himself whether it is valid or complete bullshit. Austin is more of an Aristilian thinker (like me), which means that he is more likely to relate to physical things that humans experience (we will for the moment disregard Plato’s theory of perception). In accounting I have Kent, Chuck and Vanessa, but they were compulsory, so they don’t really count (it is helpful for getting to know people when you are forced to know them). In Calculus there is Robert, we barely know each other, but we acknowledge each other and have a basic friendly relationship. Wow, that was fast, I covered everyone in a single paragraph. It is definately time for me to break out of my shell and start talking. Friends don’t just drop out of the sky, they take work and maintainaince.
I guess the point of this little entry is to state that I have made it through my first year of college and I survived. I have an entire summer ahead of me to teach myself how to be social, and maybe learn to be nice to the friends that I already have. Fall 2005 will approach very fast, when it is time, I intend to be ready this time.

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up My First Year of College

  1. Waiting until the last week of class to speak up? Sheesh- isn’t that the truth! There’s nothing more irritating than going “okay I really want to get to know this person, but I’ve only got a week or two to get a number! Ahhhhhhhh!”

  2. Your writtings seems do down trodden. If this is your first year of college, yuor time is young…there is much more to life after school. I have found the yearningformore education. Churchill said it best…I always like to learn, however, I do not always like being tought.

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