Going Batty

Tonight I was spinning away at the wheel when after completing my 3rd piece I realized something: I don’t have nearly enough bats. Why is it that I have my bats in such short supply? I guess I should find an additional method for temporary storage of wet pieces (or finally give in to what my mind has been telling me all along and go for the 5 pack of square bats). I feel so inadequate because of my limited resources availible for temporarily storing my work, and also the lack of a decent place to let my pieces dry, although I suppose my shelf unit in the basement would be a good place, who knows. Well… as you can probably guess, there are pots to announce, so head on over to http://www.disturbingthoughts.net/gallery/index.php?folder=/Ceramics/20050620/ and check them out.
Now its time for me to go to bed if I actually want to not be dead in the morning, peace out my mud bruthas’. (ok, where the hell did THAT come from? LOL)