Time to Start a Family?

How old do people think I am? Yesterday one of my aunts asked me when I was going to start dating and have a family. What the fuck is wrong with people in my family? Just being over 20 is not a good reason to get someone pregnant and start that type of thing. Also, who the hell is she to actually give advice on starting a family? She just “seperated” from her third husband! I also think its funny that she and others in my family actually assume that I am straight. I have not shown that level of interest in females to actually give anyone the idea that I am straight, nor have I given anyone any indication that I may have interests in males either. Shouldn’t a person’s sex life being personal to that personal and not the business of their entire extended family?
I really don’t think im ready for a family yet, if ever, and I really think that my demented family needs to let me live my life as I wish, not how they would “prefer”.

3 thoughts on “Time to Start a Family?

  1. I hate to say it, but I do believe that you’re right. Somebody who’s on her third marriage has no room to talk to anybody about starting a family. Maybe she just wants grand-nephews and grand-nieces?

  2. This is why I avoid family events, there’s nothing else to talk about so they come up with crap like this 😉

  3. your aunt doesnt seem like the right one to give “marriage” advice, BUT why not become closer to the family you already have?

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