Back to School

It would appear that with just 22 days remaining, the fall semester is quickly approaching and my summer is about to end. I haven’t completed as many of my summer objectives as I would have liked to this year. I have several titles still on my summer reading list left that I would love to attempt, but with the summer leaving me quickly, I will likely just try to get a few priority items in, such as Hubert L Dreyfus’ On the Internet and the first chapter of each of my text books. Other tasks that I haven’t gotten to include the completion of the updates to GITI, completion of my personal website and a redesigning of my blog.
On the up side of things, I have most of my text books here already, and most of my supplies are ready. Those things already being done saves me a week of worry. One thing that remains to be resolved is the status of my digital pen for the semester. I have only three courses on campus, and I only anticipate really keeping notes for one of them. My philosophy course and my CS course probably won’t need me to keep a great number of notes, so it is unlikely that the pen will help much. However, my math course, discreet structures, will likely require about 2 to 5 pages per day as most math courses usually do. I have not really touched the pen (or a pen) for the entire summer, so I know I will have to work on my digital-friendly penmanship before I return. One consideration that has been noted on this is the existance of my Pocket PC, theoretically I could type all of my notes in Pocket Word, however, again the math course thing. Why carry 2 extra devices (PPC and its keyboard) when I could just as easily take out my digital pen and paper for such things in the other courses where I don’t take that many notes? I absolutely hate my handwriting most of the time, especially because im slow at taking notes if they are legible, plus the legibility goes down as I get tired in class (although, I dont expect this issue this semester, because I dont have accounting!). At the moment im still having issues with the Pocket PC keyboard because im not familiar with typing on it much.
I guess I am pretty much “ready” for the fall semester to begin, but I just am not ready for summer to end. What a conflict, eh?