Tonight while playing with MovableType (my primary blog engine/publishing platform) I realized something kind of interesting, without much effort or technical screwing, MT manages to allow fairly intelligent editing of a document. Months ago when I was creating some features in GITI’s background (creating them, sort of, but not linking them) I created a module called “GITI Doc”, which for now will take plain text (including HTML) and strip out things like carriage returns, tabs, etc and replace them with the appropriate code. This allows for direct copying from a word proccessor application. While this is useful for document storage, it doesn’t do much for document creation. I think it would be kind of cool to actually have GITI Doc to be able to do basic document editing things and eliminate the need for sending files back to my server when I am working on documents on systems that don’t belong to me (such as the UNCC labs). One possible solution to the problem itself is for me to always have one of my systems with me, another would be to have GITI or something else web-based that is already on my server for that task.
One concern that I have is that this type of thing already exists, in the form of “publishing tools”, such as MT, and Wiki sites. I don’t want to have to end up recoding something that someone else has already written, it would be kinda nice to find something that is fairly simple and already written and just integrate it with GITI (without mixing code). Another concern of writing it myself is that I won’t be able to create all of the functionality I want. I think it would be kind of cool to be able to have my documents have a table of contents (based on anchor names) created from the paragraphs. That is something that is more Wiki-like I believe. The third concern stems from one of my desired results of this utility. I would like to be able to publish my documents automatically to my website (once it is finished), but at the same time I look at all of my old papers and things and I realize that I really think badly of my own work, so once this thing would be completed, that part would still be 100% irrelavant.
I guess that brings me to something else… I really want to make a lot more stuff in GITI be availible publicly. One of the things I have been wanting to experiment with is having my schedule for each day availible via the web. Maybe not the detailed version, but a marking of availible/unavailible for most things, or like “In Class” when I am scheduled to have class time. All of the logic for most of these ideas already exist in GITI’s private parts.