Working on GITI’s third version has been harder than any of the previous versions. V1 was an experiment that grew into a mostly-functional personal information manager. From the start is barely did anything beyond schedule items and some basic educational tracking stuff (assignment-level stuff). V2 grew out of V1 being structurally inadequate for the mission […]

GITI: Example of Dependency UI

A major assignment might look something like this with its components in place:   The individual assignments themselves are barely different from a stand-alone assignment (as they should be), except that they point to the larger assignment. For now the reference to the major assignment is by number, but I intend to use a database […]

GITI: Analyzing Old UI

This morning I decided that today is the day to begin working in GITI again, primarily adding functionality that I feel will be crucial to the structure of graduate school work. The feature I intend to add is assignment dependency, which essentially means that major assignments could be broken down into smaller assignments that could […]

Rethinking “Instructor Hold”

Ever since I met Sarah Scott at UNC-Charlotte, I have had to consider the option of a situation where an assignment entered into GITI might not work out exactly as planned, and then the “Instructor Hold” status was born. Internally the status was originally called “scott” (valid codes were “yes”, “no”, “drop”, “inc” and “scott”). […]

Early Grade Madness

So far in this course I have 2 grades, an autobiography discussion post and an extra credit assignment which involved replying to the instructor’s message. GITI’s calculation of such grades is a bit imprecise.  If 100 is an A+, and 92 is an A, what is 600? In this particular course the grading is based […]

Security Concerns

I have never been one for much security when it comes to my technology. I like to keep my network secure, but I’m not one to necessarily have a lot of different passwords or use things like virus scanners or firewalls (outside of a firewall router). This makes me a not very good person for […]

A Thought on Status

I have been thinking about my “status” architecture for GITI. At present I can tell GITI my status directly, through the UI, or by sending it an email (must be done from my phone at this time, as it only accepts 1 address). GITI will in turn post to Twitter, which Facebook picks up on. […]

Hidden Features in GITI

Sometimes I get distracted, so distracted in fact that I forget to do things that one might consider important, especially when writing code. It would seem that about a year ago when I wrote code for adding batches of assignments to GITI I thought far enough ahead to add a “batch stamp” to the assignment […]

GITI v3 Module Preparedness

So far not a lot has been done on GITI v3. Chris has taken charge of the new back-end, most notably, giving me a sane framework to work from. It’s like having a really stripped down version of .NET, except it runs on PHP (so far it handles my database calls a lot more efficiently). […]

Current GITI Modules

The current active user-visible modules are as follows: Address Book *Administration #Email Cookbook Education Schedule (+v3) Footwear Collection Health Exercise Nutrition Sexual Activity Log Library Journal Notepad Documents Software Keychain #ToDo ToDo List Inventory Site Engine Administration Project365 Weather Home/System Games Time About   In addition there are other modules that the users do not […]