Joys of Atkins

Ever since last fall I have been trying to figure out if I have a preference for which building I have class in at UNCC, but to this point I have only formed one opinion… I HATE DENNY! Denny is hot, uncomfortable, has small desks and there is this odd odor that travels through the hallway (freshmen perhaps?). This morning I finally made my decision though, I love Atkins. There aren’t many classrooms in Atkins, but the ones that do exist there are awesome. The rooms are always kept at really nice temperatures and are pleasant. In addition, there is very little hallway noise because of the way the building is designed.
I should probably mention that Mr. Long’s class today actually was tolerable. The focus was on making websites user-friendly and focused on their purpose (not pimping the org or being a showcase of technology). It was a short lecture today, so I may have just not had enough to comment on ;-). Mr. Long appears to be very knowledgeable and focused on his topic, but I am a litle sensitive to omissions in Internet history (United States history I can cut down to about a paragraph and be happy though).
Before people outside of Niner Nation start thinking that Ive gone nuts, here is the building I am loving so much: