Lack of Images on Blog?

Do I use enough images on my blog or would more be better? In the past few weeks I have only used like 2 images, the one of the two cute guys kissing and the one of Grace Hopper, only one of which probably actually appealed to any number of my readers (although, they are probably in the majority of my readers).
Maybe I should include more images of things in my life and just overall make the blog more image based? Since the MovableType/Plugin upgrade problem I have been lacking the image portion of my blog and I haven’t bothered to restore it yet (and probably wont until i configure it to not be in the same folder as the blog). I want to have an image portion again as well as provide more photographic evidence of the fact that I am alive, but im just not entirely sure how to incorporate it all.
Comments to this entry would be helpful I think.