Fortifying the Castle Walls and Preparing for Armed Assault

My mother went into surgery this morning and will be taking the next few days to recover. In most situations I would be delighted to have my mother around for a few days, but in this case… it comes with a price of aunts, uncles, cousins and many more of the fleet coming to visit CONSTANTLY! So far I know of a cousin coming tomorrow, and the aunt I don’t like (that has become her official title) will be coming Saturday. In addition to this lovely news I expect that a few dozen family members will “drop by” for “a few minutes” each and every day until my mother has fully recovered. My plans for the week including going into my room (with my pottery wheel), moving either my desk or a few bags of clay (25# each) in front of the door, then turning up my stereo to a fairly high mark and trying to forget that my family is around. Did I mention that as a bonus to the nutsness as it is already, my father has decided to take “a few days” off from work?
I like my family, but they are much better in small quantities. Anyone know of any good techniques for running off spare family members? Better yet, would anyone like to borrow a few family members?
This event should make studying for my philosophy exam and doing assignments for other classes a little more of a challenge.

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One thought on “Fortifying the Castle Walls and Preparing for Armed Assault

  1. We love you Curt! It’ll be okay. When they start getting on your nerves, just go in front of them and stare at a wall while humming to yourself. That’s always a good way to get them to keep clear of you.
    P.S. as to the extra family members, if they’re generous with money, I’ll take ’em!

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