RFC 4144

Anyone out there feel out of the loop? Maybe even shy? The IETF has the solution for you!
Today the RFC editor released RFC 4144 – “How to Gain Prominence and Influence in Standards Organizations”. The document reads like a college of business text book. While the document is sound, it has no technical merit for which to earn a place in the great document series. Postel’s law states “be conservative in what you send”, but DAMN! PEOPLE GET A LIFE! Jon Postel didn’t need this type of a document to get people involved, he was just friendly and outgoing, he made contact with the newcomers, where has the IETF’s spirit for welcoming the noobs gone? (if anyone replies ICANN, I will hurt them). It is very important to get involved in Internet standards organizations if you care about the path that this great network takes, but find your own way, a way that works for you, not the path the author of this draft took. Embrace the organizations for what they are, if you work hard and are friendly you will get far in any organization. One day you could be chatting up in IRC with the big guys about something, and the next day you could be developing their plugin delievery mechanism (yes, im still jelous about that :-P).
Joyce, Sandy, please, retract this document and hold it for 1 April 2006. (Yes, its really that bad).
If you wish to read this fine piece of work and pass your own judgement on whether or not it is suitable for the RFC series, please feel free to grab your free copy from servers of the hardworking people at the IETF/IESG and RFC Editor. http://ftp.rfc-editor.org/in-notes/rfc4144.txt.

One thought on “RFC 4144

  1. Curtis,
    Hardly. RFC’s are intended for serious proposals that involve the sciences of systems and network engineering and management, not this crap. It is fine when sent by E-mail to friends as a possible “inside” joke, but it has no place in the RFC’s.
    Your comment is on the mark, and thus it is no rant.

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