She Was A Crusty Old Broad

I am no longer sure how to take Dr. Long anymore. Today’s phrase of the day was something to the effect of “She was a crusty old broad” in reference to Grace Hopper, the finder of the first computer bug, and developer of modern programming technology (Mother of COBOL).

This would be the image he was showing at the time.
I think his whole Navy thing is a bit confusing, maybe im being just a bit hard on him? His trivia is interesting but it is complete bullshit in the way of getting curriculum across to students. We were learning JavaScript, not COBOL and not “the history of entemology”. I think the department should stick him to teaching ITIS1200, freshman seminar. There ya go Dr. Long, the perfect assignment for you.
ok, any volenteers to be next up on my chopping block?
UPDATE: I have revised my opinion of Dr. Long’s statement, it was unprofessional and quite offensive to the legacy of Admiral Hopper. If Dr. Long is going to put these people on a pedestal, he can do it without attempting to insult them, especially the dead ones. (I think a Tim Berners-Lee joke would have been hillarious). No more jokes should be made about the dead, they have suffered enough.