The Abuse Continues

well.. tonight has been interesting so far, my father and i got off to a great start.
First, I was talking to my mother about my dinner and mentioned that I could prepare my own plate, unlike my father. From across the room he responds with: “kiss my ass you son of a bitch”. A few moments later I go back through the room to get a drink and he adds “get your own god-damned gas”.
How can this man call himself my father? How do parents turn into such monsters?
I shouldn’t have to live in fear in my home, and I shouldn’t feel unwelcome here either. My mother has always been on my side for things like this, but there is only so much she can get involved, since she always feels the need to blame me for things that occur between my father and I.

3 thoughts on “The Abuse Continues

  1. Curtis, just a suggestion, but maybe you shouldn’t make such comments in the presence of your father. I know you don’t like the man and he may not deserve your respect, but the only way not to start a fire is to keep the flame away from the tinder.
    No puns intended ;-).
    Sorry to hear things aren’t so great for you. Hope school is going well so far. Talk to you soon.

  2. Curtis,
    My father was the biggest reason I was out of the house and in the Coast Guard at 17. It was only more recently that I truly understood this and how corrosive the relationship between him and I had been.
    Both my mother and father have commented on how stern and controlling (and I am guesing, with that, angry) their mothers were, and how much they chafed under it, yet they each became the parent their mother was.
    All too often, the child is expected to behave as an adult while the parent behaves like a child. As a boy, my father would angrily yell at me to control my temper, yet never saw the savage irony there. Your father is the same. Where you and I are introspective, they cannot be.
    You cannot earn his respect, for he has none to give. What you have always been looking for is a dad; what you have is a father, same as me.
    When you can, punch out on your own and leave him behind. It may be painful, but it is necessary, otherwise, the wounds will only get deeper.
    This is more than I have said in any public way before, but maybe I need to now. I don’t know.
    As always, you know my phone number, give me a call whenever you want, I’ll always answer.

  3. For those of you that dont know, Curtis’s father had me way before Curtis. I am Laurie his oldest sister, and let me tell you………our father was never there for me and is very selfish, people like that will grow old and alone…break that cycle as I did, you will come out on top. You will have the last laugh.

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