The Problem with Distance Education

For the past few hours and its team of servers has been inaccessible. I have a quiz due at some point tommorrow that I currently cant access. I’ve been paitiently waiting for these servers to return to service, but it hasn’t happened yet. It would appear that the primary problem is that the primary DNS server isn’t responding and the secondary is responding with “duh….”. Ah, technology at its finest. At the current time CPCC’s servers are all up and running without a problem, and have never had a complete system failure.
I guess this results from all of UNCC’s eggs being in the same library basket. The infrastructure of the Atkins library is responsible for sustaining all of the servers at UNCC. I constantly brag about how awesome distance education is, its “always” there, day or night, you can work on it when you feel like, or when you have time or whatever. Well… I think I just busted my own nuts on that one. With my luck, of course the first failure of Dist. Ed. ive experienced would be in a time of critical need, such as right now when i need to access the stupid Java quiz šŸ™
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