Fighting Against Familial Divisibility

My family drives me so nuts sometimes! Today I found out that there is a competetion in place between my anual Christmas event at home and my cousin’s arrival in Myrtle Beach. My event has been planned unofficially for almost a year, but officially for a few months. I have done everything short of sending out paper invitations to alert my family that they are to gather at my house on December 25th at 5:00PM. That date and time has been delegated to me for my use with the family. My cousin who lives in San Franciso, CA has decided to fly in next weekend instead of this weekend, and has also decided that he doesn’t wish to make the long trip (3.25 hours) from Myrtle Beach to Charlotte to come to my event. It is unfortunate that physically distant relatives get priority in this family (I blame it on the fact that there has never been a physically distant member before). It would appear that I have a lot of family members on my side for the event, but also some feel a loyalty towards my cousin. Some people in my family want me to move the event to December 24th at 5:00, but I am fairly decided in my time and I don’t plan to let myself be manipulated by their confusion. One of the fun things about my event is that it is my event, no act of committee can make the event float across time and space, as it can with all of the others. I suppose another factor on my side is the act of committee that is required to coordinate the pilgramige to Myrtle Beach, with the division and indecision it will not be possible for a conclusion to be reached and it is likely that either the deciding bodies will opt to remain on the original plan with my event, or a representative body will be sent to Myrtle Beach and the rest will be with me. Family politics are a lot of fun when im not involved in them :-/ I suppose its time for me to send an email to my aunt who is attempting to coordinate the Myrtle Beach thing and see if I can get her to work with me on a plan of action that will make sure that both of our events occur without a problem. I guess for once I have a reason to like the republicans in my family (primarily my aunt in Charlotte and grandfather who are strickly opposed to travelling out of state on Christmas and wish to honor their commitment to me).