Discovering the Perfect Sandwich Bread

Ever want a midnight snack and discover that you want a sandwich, but that you dont want a WHOLE sandwich, or you want a little more than 1, but not 2? Well… ive fallen in love with a different type of bread that is AMAZING!
For my party on December 25th, 2005 I wanted a bread that was kind of light and could be crisped very easily to go with the soups, sort of as a bread-cracker hybrid food. I knew of one such thing that would fit my needs, a french baguette. I had never worked with one before, so I was kind of experimenting by even deciding to serve it. I served it sliced at 1/4″ thickness and lightly buttered, warmed at 200° F for about 15 minutes. The result was that everyone loved it (overlooking the minor comment that they would be better with a marinara sauce on the side). Long story short, my mother picked up 2 loaves, only 1 was needed, so i started using it for sandwich bread (starting with the half turkey my aunt brought me, yum!).
Because of the way that baguettes are, they are adjustable in length for sandwitches. They are between 2 and 4 ft in length and are designed to be cut to size. In addition to the adjustable size, they are also availible in several flavors/varieties such as white, wheat, and various spiced versions. My favorite quality about it though is its crisp shell, a seraded knife is required, but well worth it to be able to eat a sandwich made with this very flavorful, crisp bread.

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