The Stockings Were Hung….

The stockings were hung by the replica statue of David with care, in hopes that his nuts would not be too visible in the cold winter air.
Making sure things are hung for Christmas seems to be the easy part of things, the more challenging is arranging a holiday event that is consistent with the goals of the season. This means that I need to coordinate food, music, my mood and other things to work well with each other, as well as with some sort of “seasonal protocol”. Food is by far the hardest though, everyone has such delicate tastes this time of year. Then there are the people who are allergic to everything, certain measures must be made to accomodate them. Food seems to be such a huge part of culture. It isn’t easy to find things seasonal that taste good. The most “typical” Christmas dessert is fruit cake, but no one likes it and no one under 70 eats it (for those Alton Brown fans out there, yes it is Good Eats when it is done properly, but I mean the typical brick variety).
So far for tommorrow I have completed:
Arctic S’mores
Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies (the gooey kind)
Spice Cakes (6 pecan caramel glazed, 3 walnut caramel glazed)
Yule Log
Chilli (C/O Dad)
Bagguette (got to love bakerys :-D)
Nog (premade, yeah, i suck)
The items still to be prepared are:
The Soups (potatoe and veg)
Wassail (base only, accessories are ready)
Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate (to be brewed moments before guests arrive)
Warm Apple Cider
My aunt seems to think I am crazy for doing the stuff im doing, but I think I am doing quite well to this point.
One question I am still trying to answer is when I am supposed to sleep, the past few days I have already been on an inverse cycle and today I ended up sleeping on the couch waiting for my mom to be ready to help me with the Yule log, which resulted in me running to bed for a few hours. At the moment I am sitting here wondering how I will handle my commitments of the evening and still manage to sleep a sane way, since I am supposed to be functional at 6am (I should only require 4 hours of sleep since I have completed a 4 hour cycle already).
I love this time of year, I just am not certain of my physical or mental health after. Last year I did this and pulled off 40 hours of continuous up time. I am not quite stable enough to do that this year, I see napping in my futures.