One Stupid Person Ruins Everything

This evening I am saddened by news that my favorite place to hike has been mostly destroyed, by fire, likely due to the careless actions of a smoker. The peaks at Crowders Mountain usually burn at least once per year due to lightning, but the peaks have always survived and recovered from that and likely became stronger because of it, but in this situation it is very different. The source of the fire was not natural, and the mountain burned quickly, as opposed the slow replemishing burn that occurs due to lightning.
I don’t understand why some people visit parks like Crowders Mountain, it just doens’t seem normal for those types of people. I think of the mountain as a very healthy place, why would someone as careless about life as a smoker be somwehere like that? Additionally, I am bothered that people are not more cautious with things like that. There are several points at which the mountain could have been saved. 1. the smoker could have not gone to the park, 2. the smoker could have not smoked at the park (prefered option), 3. once the fire began, the person could have used the abundance of dirt availible to smother the fire, 4. the person could have gone to the ranger station, or the call station at the welcome center once getting down to inform them of the problem. Instead, this cowardly smoker did nothing and said nothing, leaving the mountain to burn and be destroyed, taking its beauty away from everyone else. If you care so little about life and beauty, then STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY MOUNTAIN!
Current Mood: Pissed and Hurt