First Attempt at Rocktop Trail

Yesterday (February 29, 2008), I attempted a new trail, Rocktop. It is a 1.5 mile strenuous trail that is mostly upward with many hazards associated with mountain climbing. The trail is quite nice. On Pinnacle you can only see the mountain ahead of you and the trees that you have already passed, but on Rocktop […]

Elevation Profile of Hike

Now that I have had a little more time to play with the data obtained during my hike on Monday, I have found a few tools that will allow me to show interesting things from the tracklogs. One of my favorite things so far is the elevation profile, which shows the change in elevation during […]

A Hike To The Top

King’s Pinnacle I am a bit fatigued at the moment (woke at around 3am and then went for a hike), so I am just going to let the GPS explain everything: [click me]

Sample Tracklog Map Overlay

This is a sample of a tracklog being overlayed on a map, using Google Earth. This shows the best and worst of the GPS system. First of all, it provides a nice clear shape of where you travel. The trouble begins when the device records a bogus point in its log. When you see sporadic […]

My New GPS Unit

I have often been curious about GPS receivers, but could never justify one until recently. I found a good deal on this Magellan eXplorist 210 unit and I am planning to do a lot of hiking this year. I will be able to store all of my hiking trips in files and then use software […]

One Stupid Person Ruins Everything

This evening I am saddened by news that my favorite place to hike has been mostly destroyed, by fire, likely due to the careless actions of a smoker. The peaks at Crowders Mountain usually burn at least once per year due to lightning, but the peaks have always survived and recovered from that and likely […]

Making it to the Top

On Tuesday, November 8, 2005 Chris and I went back to Crowders mountain to go all the way to the top of King’s Pinnacle, the secondary peak at Crowders mountain. We began our hike at around 3:30pm, giving ourselves 2.5 hours to get to the top and back. We went up in daylight, but by […]

Hiking at Crowders Mountain

Yesterday was a very eventful day for me in comparison to most other days for me. At a little passed noon Chris called me and asked if I want to talk to him in person in a quiet location. My first thought was his room or on a drive somewhere, but for once he was […]