Vulnerability As A Tool For Emotional Experience

Tonight I’ve been doing some thinking about emotions and the way they relate to physical conditions. There is something I have noticed about men who have very thick emotional walls (especially ones who have been hurt), it seems that the only way in to this shell is to do it physically. I have a friend who doesn’t really express emotions at all, and doesn’t really recieve them either. I feel such distance from him talking on the phone or talking in person from a distance or in public, but lift his shirt and tickle him a bit and as the vulnerability of the situation sets in, emotions start to flow, the shell comes down for a short time. Any amount of touching that occurs after this seems to bring out even more ability to see emotion and react to it with emotion. I have noticed this with myself as well, it seems that when I am standing around in nothing but my briefs (handcuffs optional), I tend to loosen up and actually say whats on my mind instead of playing all of the bullshit to make things “flow smoother” in a situation.
if (tequilla MAKES her clothes fall off) and (tequilla LOWERS inhibitions) and (vulnerability LOWERS inhibitions) then (standing naked in the rain MUST be a valid tequilla substitute)
therefore, people who drink to “relax” really just need to be captured, stripped and tied down until they relax and express their inner thoughts.
WARNING: theory written in a silly and kinda not all here state of mind.