Frustration with Previous Self

In past few days I have looked at more of my own old code for GITI (Scheduler, PIM, the Interface, whatever) than I ever have before. The things I am finding in my old code are not pleasant. I left myself almost no code comments, there is no spacing, no indention and everything is basicly one giant lump of code. To make things worse, I am discovering that a lot of the identifiers I used for queries previously are not things that will always be unique, therefore there is room to confuse GITI as to what records I am requesting. I did a lot of stupid things in my past before I had any formal CS instruction.
It is difficult being in my old code again, but I am gradually working towards making things sane again, one function and one module at a time. I should have no difficulty getting the education module and its dependancies fully audited, corrected, converted (to v2 standards) and functional before the semester starts.