Differences Between Public Restrooms and the UNCC Ceramic Studio

The ceramic studio at UNCC is a shared environment of clay creativity, where everyone shares common tools, clay buckets, slurry return and kilns.

  • Public restrooms are usually clean, the studio is clean between Thursday evening and Friday morning.
  • Public restrooms often smell sanitary or clinical, the studio always smells like mold, dirt and fungus.
  • Public restrooms try to kill bacteria in normal operation, it is the goal of the studio to produce as much bacteria as possible (slurry buckets)
  • Public restooms tend to not have exposed wiring or electrical devices sitting in water, the studio gets flooded once a week for cleaning leaving the wheels standing in water, in addition, there are more exposed wires on the walls and on the wheels than there are in the electrical engineeering lab.
  • In a public restroom, the absence of a foul odor is a good thing, at the studio, the absence of an odor means that somebody forgot to feed the bacteria in the slurry bucket (pour Snapple into the slurry bucket and wait an hour)
    as i think of more, ill add to this entry of analogy