Why use one shelf when you can have three?

In the ceramic studio glaze room I have somehow managed to go from being assigned one shelf, to now using three shelves. I have always had the shelf I was assigned, but a few days ago I claimed another shelf that wasn’t used (a top shelf) for my tall stuff and then today I find that someone who unloaded a bisque kiln has managed to expand me on to the unoccupied area of shelf space beside mine. In the studio itself I’m almost as bad, I have my two original shelves, and then I have claimed another one off to the side for holding all of my tall things. I am starting to feel really bad because of the amount of space I take up in the two rooms. Everyone is supposed to be on 3 shelves total (1 glaze + 2 green), and I have 6 (3 of each). I can’t find a good way to reduce the amount of space that I am using, so I really don’t know what to do about being a shelf hog.