I want a puppy!

I just got back from a week of taking care of my cousin’s dog, Boscoe. It felt so good to have a creature to take care of and interact with. I often get very lonely (and bored) when I am by myself and have nothing to play with. One of the best things about Boscoe is how much he likes cheese, its a common interest which runs deeper than some interests I have with some of my friends sometimes. It would be really cool to have a puppy around. I have been around dogs all my life, but have been directly responsible for none of them. Boscoe was a first in that area. As I think back on the past week I remember all of the fun, annoyances and just silly shit about it, but im a bit sad because its all over so soon. Watching Boscoe hop in the back of my cousin’s SUV when he returned was a quick reminder that I functioned only as a temporary substitute.