Whats up?: January 06, 2007

“What are you up to Curt?”
I am currently working on teaching an old dog new tricks. I am once again working with GITI’s second oldest module, SCHEDULE. I am attempting to help the schedule module understand how to read multiple day events that may or may not occur on multiple days of the week (which requires the event be spread across multiple entries). This primarily effects classes, such as those occurring on Tuesday and Thursday. If I’m not in a coma when im finished, I might share some logic from this little adventure.
While i’m working on that, I am watching an Aaron Carter DVD. Isn’t it interesting how when he wears leather pants and a chainmail shirt it doesn’t look gay?
//this is a new feature to the blog. In times where my state is questioned several times per day, I will use this section to update my public on my status, at least until my status site is done, which is a totally different project… that somehow seems like it should be linked to this.