Sup?: September 29, 2010

What’s up with me? Today is is rainy and sort of chilly outside, but I’m in the library, where it feels like 90. A lot of what is going on lately in my life has to do with my aspirations to enroll at a graduate school. I have completed the easy parts of my grad […]

Plans for Finishing Summer

Summer classes are over and I’ve made enough ceramics to want to bowl myself into a corner… so what’s next for the summer? Figure drawing – I’m borrowing a book from the UNC library about figure drawing, so I think next week I will try some figure drawing exercises and at least get myself a […]

My Day – July 24, 2008

Got up at around 5am, and I didn’t do much for the first few hours except read email, watch some stuff on YouTube, bookmark some shit in and things like that. After a while I ate breakfast, and went back to email. I also read the feedback in my digital photography class from my […]

My Day: July 22, 2008

My day started at 1am today. I didn’t do much then, just browsed some porn and looked at modifications I could make to GITI and things like that. I ate breakfast around 5 or so.. had a waffle with natural peanut butter (yummy ). At around 6am I brought out my pottery wheel. It was […]

Staring Blankly Into Space

I spent the last two days not going to sleep very easily because of things going through my head, worries about my future. As my summer classes are coming to a close I have  nothing to do and will have nothing to do for over a month. I laid awake with thoughts racing through my […]

My Day – July 3, 2008

Another haphazard day of half-assed work on stuff for the party tomorrow. Somehow almost everything is in place except for the decorations and the food, all of which can be done in the morning with great ease and grace. Had food from a restaurant I have never eaten at before tonight, Jim ‘n Nick’s BBQ, […]

My Day – June 29, 2008

Not much again today. Woke up kind of late, which really felt good. I went to help my aunt some more today. We got a lot done, painted some cement flowers, oiled a glider, pruned some bushes, places a glow in the dark mushroom and watched National Treasure 2 while eating some Italian fast food […]

My Day

Got up, got a message that my aunt called. Went to my hair appointment at the salon, then off to my aunt’s house to help her with her annual Independence Day party preparations. As usual, nothing really got done. We sanded a swing (technically its a glider, but I don’t think many people know what […]

My State

Just to let everyone know. I am ok and doing fine. I have had a lot on my mind this week, some stuff I’ve been dealing with. Nothing to be concerned about, I just need to get myself to use the weekend to chill and get back in the groove of things. Most readers/friends seem […]

Whats up?: January 07, 2007

At the moment I am freaking out. I just added assignments for my courses to GITI and I’m looking at due dates, looking at material, seeing that there are concepts here that I don’t understand, concepts that are beyond my present reach. I feel like I am drowning in assignments. GITI is limited to displaying […]