Whats up?: January 07, 2007

At the moment I am freaking out. I just added assignments for my courses to GITI and I’m looking at due dates, looking at material, seeing that there are concepts here that I don’t understand, concepts that are beyond my present reach. I feel like I am drowning in assignments. GITI is limited to displaying 5 assignments, this used to be enough of a limitation to comfort me, but now I feel like I need some sort of “one thing at a time” view in GITI. Maybe I should rewrite Todo tonight, but what if it becomes even more useless and I am not able to make it help? Will it hurt the situation? Would it be a waste of time?
Oh, to complicate the situation even further, today has become a perfect day to sort things out in my life, things like friends, sexuality, hobbies, motivations, and pretty much every other thing that has daily interaction but almost no contemplation ever.
I am so fucking stressed right now, and as far as I can tell, its for no logical reason.