Search Engine with a Big Mouth and Matching Booty

Meet the world’s more sarcastic bitch of a search engine. Technologically, she is a step up from Jeeves, but she is a bit more witty and insulting. This is a search engine for the thick skinned, or anyone willing to learn what searches are safe with his drama queen.
Some of my favorite searches to get a personality profile of Ms. Dewey (Ms. Thang) are:
1. Gangster (bitch)
2. Gangsta (insightful)
3. Fetish (creepy)
4. Beer (funny)
5. Viagra (super villan)
6. Spam (tortureous)
7. Masturbation (bitch)
8. Ms. Dewey (disfunctional)
9. books (random)
10. depression (evil)
11. suicide (humor/disturbed)
12. strip (creepy)
13. country (really bad impressions)
14. big bang (overly sexual)
15. clone (MPD)
As a gay male, I find many of this slut’s perversions to be a bit distasteful.