Coding on a Tangent

I set out working on SiteEngine for my personal site over a week ago, planning to write the stuff for the multiple site feeds first, then working on everything else, but I have found myself quite distracted by working on the mailing list manager tool for it. That reminds me, most of you, whether you realize it or not, are on at least one mailing list I have. Due to the fact that some of these lists have never been used, I will simply load those lists and send out notifications to allow for acceptance or denial of the subscription when the time comes to activate the new system. Additionally, I have no clue how I am going to disseminate authentication information for the users, as presently, I have no frame of reference for anything, except matching up the address book records with email subscription records. Of all the database records, management tools, and tracking utilities I use, there is nothing to extract a “core group” of friends/family for this type of task. My address book contains information for almost anyone I’ve ever known well enough to have an address or phone number for (not email addresses, thats what an email client is for), my IM lists all contain people I don’t really know that well, and some IDs that I can’t even begin to identify. Since all of these ideas fell apart, then I suppose the best option for the situation is to select people manually and assign personal invitations to each person for accessing the SiteEngine.
Anyway, that was another tangent (there have been a lot of those lately). The point is, my new personal website isn’t quite ready yet, but it is being worked on diligently and I have completed all of the conceptual code things, as well as gotten the mailing list code completed. It is likely that the mailing list tools will be dropped into their relevant engines/sites soon for testing.