A sestina has 6 six-line stanzas and concludes with a final three-line stanza. In addition, each of the 6 stanzas uses the same words at the end of each line (but not in the same order). And, the last three-line stanza must make use of those same (6) words. Your Task: Write a Sestina.
Warm, delicious chocolate from a dream
It seems as though I never have time
I need that chocolate in my blood
Oh how I crave a taste
I must be good, for now I will have water
I lack satisfaction from water
I need my cure, pure, sweet chocolate
All I need is a taste
Please don’t ruin my dream
I will give my blood
To have chocolate all the time
Boiling is my blood
Sweet is my chocolate
Bland is water
Chocolate is the dream
I need time
Time to taste
When I sleep coco is in my dream
I awake craving a taste
As soon as my alarm goes off, it is chocolate time
I splash my face with water
Cooling is the effect on my blood
But I still want CHOCOLATE
Why can we not all find the time?
Doesn’t everyone crave chocolate?
They must, for it is much sweeter than a young bull’s blood
The healthiest treat on Earth is water
Water can never parallel the chocolate taste
Oceans, lakes and waterfalls of chocolate fill my dream
The confection has a rich texture and taste
Lets not make haste in making the delicacy of chocolate
Antioxidants? There are none in water
Chocolate is good for the blood
Remember the benefits of chocolate at snack time
Remember chocolate for the sweetest dream
Dreams of chocolate
They taste sweet all the time
Chocolate is thicker than blood and water