Thrown Vessel

Assignment: Journal free assignment – Poem about ceramics, without using the words “clay”, “vessel” or “wheel”
Cold, damp, firm
Spinning faster, and faster yet
Hands wet, touch it
Smooth, creamy to the touch
Press in hard, it reacts
It bends to the will of the hands
Press in, its tall
Press down, its fat
The reactions are exact
The movement is fluid
As if pushing water,
Captured without gravity
Only two dimensions
Height and Width
Up and Out
What one side does
The other respects
Press the thumb into the center
Pull towards you
The space opens
Negative space is created
Thumb and index finger together
Pinch a lump from the bottom
Unroll the lump up the wall
Feel it stretch beneath the fingers
Swift, smooth motions
Graceful pulls
Gentle curves
Easy touch on
Easy release off
Open further
Shiny surface
Glistening body
Stretching further
Almost about to burst
Standing rigid with soft tension
One more pull will collapse
No more spinning
Curves like rolling hills
Color of light chocolate
Standing tall and wide
Smooth rounded lip
The work is done
Strike below on the steel head
Fingers beneath the foot
Twist and lift
The world holds its breath
No machine creates that reaction
Throwing lines are still visible
A million finger prints
Identifying creator of this bowl