Best Time of The Day

Describe the best time of the day.
     The best time of the day is the night. The night is deep and dark, mysterious and quiet. I like the night. During the night I am the only person around, but yet I am not alone. In the night I am not disturbed by anyone and I can focus on everything I need to eliminate distractions from.

     During the night it is quiet and calm outside. The area around me is dark, but the sky is full of light. I often pull out my telescope to gaze off into far off galaxies and imagine what life would be like in places other than Earth. Some nights I get away from the optical enhancement and lay on the ground, feeling the cold dampness of the grass on my back. One of my favorite things is laying on the ground and feeling the cool night air dancing over my body.

     Inside the house is still and peaceful. Everyone sleeps except for me. Often it seems as though the others in the house think I am odd for my nocturnal behavior. What they do not realize is that I operate in the night because they aren’t around. I can listen to music without interference, and I can work on anything I want to work on without interruption. I am the classic computer science cliche. I stay up late at night, drinking lots of caffeine and working on my code. I also like to write in the dark. Starting with a blank page, I let my mind roll. I do not plan, planning takes too much away from the process and my feelings toward writing.

     At night I feel energetic. I feel completely and totally alive. Night seems to never make me tired, but excessive sunlight will always cause me to become exhausted. In the night I can make a list of tasks and complete them without a problem. I multitask and find ways to make logical sense of the most complicated problems during the night.

     Night makes me alive. It is my time of the day.