Epigraph Poem

Write a poem using one of the following quotes as an epigraph at the start of the poem:
“The World is Change; life is opinion” – Democritus
“Worlds are altered rather than destroyed”- Democritus
“What we call the beginning is often the end”-T. S. Eliot
“Love takes up where knowledge leaves off”-St. Thomas Aquinas
“Dreams pass into the reality of fiction“-Anais Nin
“Hope is a waking dream”-Aristotle
“It’s better to burn out than to fade away”-Kurt Cobain
[June 24, 2007]
The World is Change; life is opinion
Each life brought into the world anew
Sees the world with a different view
Every tyrant and evangelist has his minion
Nothing is ever the same
With technical enhancement
Or enemy army’s advancement
This world is never the same ole game
Something as constant as the moon and stars
Not as fixed as we may think
Every object in the universe has a link
Even the missing water on Mars
Every life observes this change
Being humans as we are
We never find this method completely bizarre
The impact of each life has a variable range
Once there was fire
And then there was the electric oven
People of Salem feared the wrath of the coven
They felt no impact of the fall of the British empire
Modern children seem to stray from the tutor
Business people have no longer a need for books
There are new inventions that impact even the cooks
The most shocking invention of them all, the computer
Change happens all around
Life happens in a blink
Often recorded with ink
There have been attempts made with sound
Written word is by far our friend
In our archaeological findings
Ancient languages we have been unwinding
Without the linguists, there would be nothing of the past to mend
As things come together
The world has great movement
Sometimes with, sometimes without, improvement
The common link of opinion and change, is the weather