Introduction to Me And Drawing

What is it that attracts me to drawing? It is a simple art form. Lines and textures create the image. Nothing excessive, color isn’t even a consideration on most. I have sought to understand my interest in a book I have on the topic of drawing. I have seen many drawings that do not interest me in the least, they are harsh and abstract. I like drawings that are sensual and simple. My obsession began with admiring drawings of the naked male form, especially ones that involve a focus on the muscles. A more detailed admiration involves simplistic images of muscles resisting bindings of rope or chain.
Aside from the obsession with certain drawn images, and the ability for simple images, I also have a deep appreciation for the mediums involved. I have always had a paper fetish, so something like drawing which lends itself naturally to using thick, crisp, sensual sheets of paper can make me tingle. I like the feeling of holding a pencil as it drags across paper, and with oil crayons I love the appearance and sensuality as the instrument rubs across the gorgeous fibers of the paper.
As far as why I am taking the drawing course, as much as I admire drawings, when it comes to actually doing the act, I suck.