Sexual Frustration

Journal Free Writing
Waking in the middle of the night
The room is dark
I am awake and I am sweating
My breathing is heavy
My thoughts are fuzzy
Thoughts that have been tossed around in a hurricane
I can’t get back to sleep
The thoughts are spinning
My body will not allow me to sleep
I hate this feeling
A feeling reminding me that my body is in control
This is not about love
Pure hormone controlled desire is the fuel
Shouldn’t an intelligent male be able to control the desire?
The room is cold, but I still sweat
Hot is the feeling of my body
I feel the heat in my face
A friend is asleep in the next room
If I could speak to my friend
I believe I would feel better
The embarrassment I feel prevents me
What if my friend thought it was strange?
My waking arousal makes me believe I am perverse