ARTC3273: Body of Work Proposal

Body of Work
Body of 4 to 6 pieces in stoneware. Each piece will be no shorter than 18 inches, and will not exceed 54 inches in height, with the mode of the group being around 25 – 30 inches.
The subject of the body of work will be plant forms. These plants are not to resemble anything on Earth. The pieces will have distinguishable geometric forms, as well as some forms that could be identified as being “parts” of other known organisms or structures. These “parts” will range from components of thrown vessels to figures from human anatomy (bicep muscle, abdominals, etc).
A majority of the work will be performed on the wheel. When it is possible, shapes will be formed on the wheel, or cut from thrown pieces. Texture will be just as important as the shapes in this body of work. I desire the final product to be a tactile experience as well as a visual one.
The objective of this work is to have an experience of the imagination, while leaving the viewer with familiar images arranged in unusual ways. This work will take on a final form of being something to be experienced, with minimal usefulness